About Us
  • JohnJohn Gregory Betancourt is the Publisher of Wildside Press. For more information on him, see his entry at Wikipedia: click here

  • CarlaCarla Coupe is the director of pubishing operations at Wildside Press. She also is a published mystery writer.

  • BonnerBonner Menking is the associate editor at wildside press. She is also a published mystery writer.

  • Steve CoupeSteve Coupe is the company web developer and graphic designer. In his spare time Steve is an aspiring game designer.

  • Robert ReginaldRobert Reginald, Editor, has managed the Borgo Press Imprint of Wildside Press since 2006, now comprising over 800 published books. He's also penned more than a hundred titles of his own, including SF, fantasy, and mystery novels. He received the Pilgrim Award in 1993. He lives and works with his wife, Mary, and assorted critters, in Southern California