About Us
  • JohnJohn Gregory Betancourt is the Publisher of Wildside Press. For more information on him, see his entry at Wikipedia: click here

  • CarlaCarla Coupe is the Director of Publishing Operations at Wildside Press. She also is a published mystery writer.

  • BonnerBonner Menking is the Associate Editor at Wildside Press. She is also a published mystery writer.

  • Steve CoupeSteve Coupe is the company Graphic Designer. In his spare time Steve enjoys playing video games, pen and paper games, and in general: gaming!

  • Shawn GarrettShawn M. Garrett, Asssociate Editor, has worked for Marvel Comics and Les Humano├»des Associ├ęs. He is also the Editor of the Parsec-Award winning podcast PSEUDOPOD (www.pseudopod.org), presenting weekly readings of new and classic short horror fiction for free to a 20,000 strong audience. He reads far too much fiction.

  • Helen McGeeHelen McGee is very purple. She has one spouse and three cats, and absolutely no plots to rule the world. Really!

  • Jon EmdenJon Emden has a degree in English and political science from Washington University in St. Louis. He is a writer, a film enthusiast and kind of a card.