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Resnick on the Loose

Mike Resnick

RESNICK ON THE LOOSE collects Mike Resnick's essays, editorials, interviews, introduction, and articles—more than 75 of them—covering everything from Hugo Awards to classic authors to the art of writing. An essential volume for anyone interested in looking beyond Resnick's award-winning novels and stories to the heart and soul of the creative genius behind them! Introduction by Eric Flint.

$4.99 ePub / Kindle $19.99 Paperback
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    The First Theodore R. Cogswell Megapack

    16 Classic Science Fiction Stories

    Theodore Rose Cogswell, (March 10, 1918 – February 3, 1987), was an American science fiction author. His first published story, “The Spectre General” in the magazine Astounding (June 1952), was a humorous tale in which a long-forgotten maintenance brigade of the Imperial Space Marines holds the promise of reinvigorating a declining Galactic empire. This volume (a reissue of his 1968 Belmont Books collection, ""The Third Eye"") presents 16 of his classic stories and is the first of what should eventually be three Megapacks, presenting his complete short stories.

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    The Sorcerer's Widow

    Lawrence Watt-Evans

    "Despite several years of study, Kilisha, an aspiring young apprentice wizard, has much to learn. After gathering ingredients for a lesson, she returns home to find her master, Ithanalin the Wise, transformed into a statue. A tax collector interrupted Ithanalin while working on a spell, a magic mirror tells her, with the result that the wizard's soul has been distributed among the various household objects. " In her efforts to track down the runaway objects and restore her petrified master to his former self.

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    The Man Without a Planet

    Lester del Rey

    He was PRTSAC: Permanent Resident Through a Special Act of Congress. A set of initials, a title unique in history. And a human being—the most homesick human being in history.

    Fred Hunter was the permanent resident of the space station…the doughnut…because a hideous accident had rendered him physically incapable of returning to Earth. For ten years he sweated it out, while others came and went on tours of duty only a few months long. For ten years he stayed sane, while space gnawed at the minds of his companions.

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